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Our Reefs are at Risk!

What is in your Sunscreen?

Don’t be fooled by companies claiming “reef safe”, when they are still filled with toxic chemicals.

Make sure it is made from Minerals and Chemical Free!

Hawaii Medicinal - Sunshine Healing

A Truly Reef Safe Company

Due to the movement and recent ban on “Oxybenzone”, many companies are switching to other similar chemicals that are just as bad but have not been included in the study. look for other enzones and oxalates and other ingredients that you do not recognize. Removing only Oxibenzone does not make it reef safe. A truly reef safe and people safe sunscreen is completely chemical free and made from all natural ingredients, such as Non Nano Zinc Oxide. We have developed the Sunshine Healing sunblock line to help combat these issues and create an environmentally conscious, plant-based alternative using Hawaiian naupaka leaf, zinc oxide and organic oils. Our sunshine healing line is Reef Safe, good for your skin, plastic free & bio degradable to protect our oceans for future generations. Safe for the whole family, Hawaii Medicinal products are perfect for all your Hawaiian adventures.

Body Block


Face Stick

Sunscreen (tinted) .5oz

Face Stick

Sunscreen .5oz

Body Balm

Deep Conditioning

Healer Salve

Organic First Aid

Sunshine Healing Bundle

Wild Bug Repellant

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Hawaiian Airlines - Hana Hou

Full Spectrum Hemp (CBD)

Hemp has been in our DNA for Centuries! We have natural Cannabinoid receptors that receive this magical medicine grown from a plant which helps to enhance your bodies natural healing powers.

Try our Full Spectrum Hemp (CBD) Oil Today!!!

Hawaii Medicinal - Feel Good Remedies

Highest Quality Hemp (CBD) Extracts

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, Kava & Olena

  • 100% Beyond Organic, Permaculture farming.
  • Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil.
  • Grown with Positive Vibrations
  • Infused with Hawaiian Kava (Ava) & Hawaiian Tumeric (Olena).

Hemp is a Hot Topic

We make some of the best Hemp Products available.

Our full spectrum Hemp CBD oil is derived from Hemp plants, utilizing the best methods of beyond organic permaculture farming and in one of the most remote spots in the world. We process the medicine to provide some of the cleanest extractions available. We filter out all impurities to make our products some of the best products in the world. CBD is helping a lot of people. Perhaps it could work wonders for you. Try some today!

Olena (Turmeric) Infusion 1000

Kava Infusion 1000

Plain Jane 1000

Hemp Facial Serum

Olena (Turmeric) Salve

Kava Mint Hemp Salve

Is your pet suffering from Seizures, arthritis, joint pain, separation anxiety?

 Full Spectrum Oil May Help!

Try our Pet Tinctures that are unlike any other pet product!

Highest Grade Human Quality Oil! Only the best for your pet!!!

Hawaii Medicinal - Hemp Oil for Pets

Highest Quality Hemp Extracts

Full Spectrum – Infused with Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Most Products designed for animals are a much lower quality or a byproduct. We use only the highest quality PCR OIL  available because we know your pet is part of your family and their care is of utmost importance.

  • 100% Beyond Organic
  • Made from Full Spectrum Oil
  • Grown with Positive Vibrations utilizing the Hawaiian Sunshine
  • Infused with Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Hawaii Medicinal - PCR Oil for Pets

  • 100% Beyond Organic, Permaculture farming
  • Made from Full Spectrum Oil
  • Grown with Positive Vibrations
  • Infused with Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil
  • We know your pet will love the products we are proud of:)

Small Pet

Large Pet


Body Block Sunscreen

We absolutely love this product. We use it everyday, it is amazing.

Hemp Infusion with Kava

I am stressed due to school and this is helping with my symptoms. I sleep… Read more “Hemp Infusion with Kava”

I really like the Pet CBD

My dog has been experiencing pain. And ever since I got your Pet CBD, my… Read more “I really like the Pet CBD”



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Good Herb

This is by far the Best cbd oil all though the 1000 mg is expensive… Read more “Good Herb”


Auj Alvarez- Youtube

I love my CBD Hemp Facial Serum:

Auj Alvarez

Sharene – CBD and Hawaiian Healer Salve

This is helping my mother in the hospital

CBD for Pets

This product is awesome. We highly recommend the product.


DUE TO Covid-19 We are not at the markets. We are only taking mail orders.


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This Journey has been fun for us since inception. We really enjoy the sunshine healing side of things. Take a look at our fun in the sun journey below and follow us to find all of our adventures IG: @hawaiimedicinal.

Our Reefs are at Risk!

What's in your sunscreen? Watch the video here to find out what chemicals in sunscreen are harming the reef.

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If you are on the look out for some great hand crafted organic skin care or Full Spectrum Oil, look no further. Hawaii Medicinal has got the potions for your ins and outs of everyday life, love and passion. Enjoy the love we share!! ?