Project #3: Support an Oxybenzone Ban in Hawaii: Stop and Check!…Your Sunscreen Might be Killing the Reef!

Update:  Of three versions of the Bill considered by the House Energy and Environmental Protection Committee on Tuesday, January 31, 2017, two advanced.

House Bill 600 would ban the sale of sunscreen containing oxybenzone in Hawaii outright.

House Bill 818 would require products containing oxybenzone to state that the chemicals contained therein are harmful to the reef.

HOA is backing HB 600 as HB 818 fails to address the issue.

Why is HB 818 not enough?

1) People are likely to ignore the labeling in many cases
2) Labeling Requirement laws open up the State to lawsuits from various industry groups (see California Proposition 65 or Tobacco litigation)
3) There is currently NO regulatory agency responsible for enforcing a labeling requirement
4) HB 818 could serve as a pretext for real action making it more difficult to push for an outright ban in the future

The bills now go to the House Consumer Protection and Commerce Committee chaired by Rep. Angus McKelvey for consideration.

Contact Angus McKelvey (House District 10) to express support for HB 600 directly at:

Please continue to share your support for a ban on Oxybenzone via HB 600 with friends, local merchants, and of course, your elected representatives.


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