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Hawaii Medicinal

Medicines from the Earth

Hawaii Medicinal was founded by Kiki Pu Chung to help bring ancient healing to everyday life. Her mission is to connect people to natural medicines and organic healing products that are environmentally conscious and safe for our island, the ocean and the world.

When Kiki was a little girl, she played in the forest, grinding up leaves and berries to make pretend plant medicine. At the time, she didn’t realize that those same flowers and plants were truly medicinal. She has since come to realize that the connection she always felt to the earth is ingrained in us from birth.

She found plant medicine when Western medicine had no answers for her ailments. Her doctor admitted that he was scared for her and that, since he had no answers, maybe she should see a naturopath. She began healing from her first visit with the naturopath, who treated her whole person—mind, body and spirit. The natural remedies he introduced her to and the people she met along her path provided her with knowledge that has brought her to where she is today.

In her studies of Hawaiian plant medicine (la`au lapa`au), she has grown and gathered herbs, and made natural remedies for her family and friends. She has now launched a business with products available for purchase. The creation of remedies always seemed to miraculously coincide with a need that would present itself. Whether it was a sick child or her own ailments, the right plants became known to her when the need arose.

Living in the sea and sun, she was faced with the tragic damage being done to our reefs by exposure to most commercial sun blocks. Learning that Hawaiians have traditionally used naupaka leaf as a natural sunscreen, she made an all-organic sunscreen using naupaka leaf-infused coconut oil and other natural SPF (sun protection factor) oils, like raspberry seed and carrot seed. Her products expanded to include a treatment for reef cuts using laukahi leaf to draw out infection and toxins, and comfrey leaf to seal the wound. She has also developed an after-sun balm and a salve to heal chafed skin.

Her process is to collect each leaf by hand with love, respect and intention. The leaves are then mixed with only the purest organic ingredients. Every salve, stick, balm, powder and tea is handmade with love here in Kailua. Anyone interested in protecting our environment and using all-natural products should learn more about Hawaii Medicinal.


    For more information, visit HawaiiMedicinal.com

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