Hawaii Medicinal Launches to Bring Nature’s Healing Wealth Mainstream

Hawaii Medicinal Launches to Bring Nature’s Healing Wealth Mainstream


Due to the recent research and awareness that most commercial sunscreens containing harsh chemicals such as oxybenzone are destroying the coral reef, HawaiiMedicinal.com develops the Sunshine Healing Skin Care line to help create an environmentally conscious, plant-based alternative.


Kailua, Hawaii – December 20, 2016 – Kiki Pu Chung and Timothy Clark launch a homeopathic resource for making all things well, naturally.  Likened to the island medicine woman of days past, Chung has married plant medicine to natural beauty; the result is HawaiiMedicinal.com.  It’s an organic skin care line that includes organic sun block, salves, and balms that use Hawaii’s indigenous plant life like Naupaka.  Infusing and pouring her La au La pa au lifestyle into reef-safe products, the plant medicine savvy entrepreneur now brings the wealth of Hawaii to a worldwide marketplace.


Kiki Pu Chung, co-owner of Hawaii Medicinal said of the efficacy of the holistic approach, “I have been studying Hawaiian plant medicine, growing and gathering herbs, and making natural remedies for years.  Miraculously, each time a need arises, I have happened upon the right plant to fill it. Naupaka leaf is a natural sunscreen that Hawaiians have traditionally used so, I use that instead of the chemical additives found in commercial sunscreens that harm our reef. The list goes on and continues to grow. For instance, my son got bronchitis so I used Noni and Popolo leaf to heal his respiratory issues. I got a rash on my arm, and found that Pohinahina cures eczema.  We kept getting little reef cuts; Laukahi leaf draws out infection and toxins and Comfrey leaf seals the wound.”


Pu Chung goes on to say that pairing traditional plant medicine with organic mineral based sunblock evolved as a perfect invention for their needs today.  She adds, “We need to bring healing to our planet, use the gifts from the earth to heal our bodies, and respect the environment we live in. Now I can bring these riches to my customers.”


For more information visit www.hawaiimedicinal.com.


About Hawaii Medicinal:

Hawaii Medicinal is an eCommerce site dedicated to providing the marketplace with natural reef-safe products that offer a holistic approach to well-being.  Each leaf used in the production of the products is collected by hand and mixed with the purest organic ingredients.  Every salve, stick, balm, powder, and tea is handmade in Kailua, Hawaii on the island of Oahu.




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