Hawaii Medicinal - Feel Good Remedies

Highest Quality CBD Extracts

Hawaiian Grown Kava & Olena Tinctures

Affordable prices. What is CBD?  No prescription required.

  • 100% Beyond Organic, Permaculture farming
  • Made from Hawaiian Hemp, Hand Picked and watered with coconuts
  • Grown with Positive Vibrations utilizing the Hawaiian Sunshine
  • Infused with Hawaiian Kava (Ava). We are very proud of our products!:)

Hemp Infusion 1000

Olena Infusion 1000

Plain Jane 1000

Hemp Kava Mint Salve

Olena (Tumeric) Salve

Facial Serum

Plain Jane Salve

Warming Rollon

Cooling Mint Rollon

Hawaii Medicinal - CBD Oil for Pets

Highest Quality CBD Extracts

Full Spectrum Hemp – Infused with Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Most Products designed for animals are a much lower quality or a byproduct. We use only the highest quality CBD available because we know your pet is part of your family and their care is of utmost importance. What is CBD?

  • 100% Beyond Organic
  • Made from Hawaiian Hemp
  • Grown with Positive Vibrations utilizing the Hawaiian Sunshine
  • Infused with Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

CBD Small Pet

CBD Large Pet

Hawaii Medicinal - Sunshine Healing

A Truly Reef Safe Company

What is in your Sunscreen?

Don’t be fooled by companies claiming “reef safe”, when they are still filled with toxic chemicals.

Make sure it is made from Minerals and Chemical Free!

Body Block


Face Stick

Sunscreen (tinted) .5oz

Face Stick

Sunscreen .5oz

Body Balm

Deep Conditioning

Healer Salve

Organic First Aid

Sunshine Healing Bundle

On Sale for $45

Wild Bug Repellant

Featured in

Hawaiian Airlines - Hana Hou

Hawaii Medicinal Swag

Aloha Patch

HM Softey

HM Trucker


Kailua Town  (Every Sunday)

  Sundays 8:00am-12pm


120 Hekili st

Kailua, HI 96734

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Sharene – CBD and Hawaiian Healer Salve

This is helping my mother in the hospital

Auj Alvarez- Youtube

I love my CBD Hemp Facial Serum:

Auj Alvarez

I really like the Pet CBD

My dog has been experiencing pain. And ever since I got your Pet CBD, my… Read more “I really like the Pet CBD”


Body Block Sunscreen

We absolutely love this product. We use it everyday, it is amazing.


Hi Sean from Hawaii Medicinal! Thanks for reaching out, now I can thank you for… Read more “Bruiser”

CBD for Pets

This product is awesome. We highly recommend the product.

Hemp Infusion with Kava

I am stressed due to school and this is helping with my symptoms. I sleep… Read more “Hemp Infusion with Kava”

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  • Aloha Patch Hat

  • Cooling Rollon

  • Facial Serum

  • HM Green Trucker Hat

  • HM White/Green Shirt

  • Kava Infusion 1000

  • Kava Mint Salve

  • Large Pet 1000

  • Olena Rosemary Salve

  • Plain Jane 1000