Hi Sean from Hawaii Medicinal! Thanks for reaching out, now I can thank you for this product!:) Bruiser is my 10 year old Tibetan spaniel. He has had bad knees forever, but was dx with a mast cell tumor 9 months ago. I’ve had him on Chinese herbs, Keto Diet, CBD. Then had to do prednisone which we got down to 5mg per week. CBD is to help with inflammation primarily. I had him off the CBD for about 3.5 weeks, I had been giving him charlottes web brand. I found your CBD two weeks ago and in a matter of 3 day, there was such a huge difference. He is Happier, wants to play, he wants to go on longer walks, and just overall more youthful. The only thing that changed was the CBD. HIs tumor is an area that makes surgery difficult, but it is small now and his blood work came back with one elevated liver enzyme due to the prednisone. Other that that you can’t even tell there is anything wrong. I’m hoping to get him off the prednisone and see if the CBD can take it’s place. Having a dog with cancer gets so expensive so I appreciate the $ price for a quality product.